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Stoneborn Saga Book 1

On a small farm in Iceland, in the waning days of the Viking Age, a pagan farmer attacks a Christian priest. With a single blow from his hammer, he shatters a delicate balance, setting in motion forces more powerful than he can comprehend. The resultant blood feud has grave implications for all Icelanders—and perhaps the very land itself.

For far from the farms and longhouses, deep in Iceland's barren, moon-like interior, dwells a mysterious and uncanny power: the huldufólk, the hidden people, masters of stone and dreams. As they too are drawn into the clash between the old ways and the new faith, they must lay the burden on Sinmara, a young fólkish girl, to try to save them all...

THE STONE DOORS is the first novel in the STONEBORN SAGA, a planned trilogy featuring rich characters, heart-pounding action, and inventive storytelling. Combining real history with fantastic possibility, THE STONE DOORS will appeal to fans of Bernard Cornwell (THE SAXON STORIES), Edward Rutherfurd (SARUM), and Susanna Clarke (JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL).

Reader reviews for THE STONE DOORS:

“A great book that takes a somewhat familiar universe of quasi medieval literature and adapts it to an Icelandic setting that at once defies expectations while maintaining an air of familiarity.”

 “Author brings us elegantly into the world of Iceland to give us a feel--through his research and imagination--for this culture from hundreds of years ago.”

“Great read and very interesting, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next one.”

“In my top three favorite books of all time.”


Stoneborn Saga Book 2


On a bright summer morning in 1627, an unthinkable event shattered the peace of a small island village just off the coast of Iceland.

Appearing suddenly in their square-rigged ships, a band of Barbary pirates came ashore, killed several villagers, and kidnapped the rest to sell into slavery in northern Africa. Huddled below deck, terrified, and headed towards a life of bondage, the captive Icelanders could do little but pray and try to comfort one another.

But young Ingrid and her brother Siggi have an unexpected resource, hastily smuggled aboard in the folds of Ingrid's cloak: an old book containing the long-forgotten tale of another young woman, taken from her family and carried off into captivity centuries earlier — by Viking raiders who encountered her people on the shores of a new land, far across the ocean...

THE BLACK SHIPS is a self-contained historical adventure novel, continuing the epic narrative and fantastic themes of the developing STONEBORN SAGA.

Coming 2020.



Brendan E.J. Baker writes novels for everyone who loves history and folklore as much as he does, drawing on his experiences as an over-educated, mixed race, black, gay American to create and remix compelling stories from the past, present, and future.



  • Full tuition Darrow scholarship and stipend

  • Associate Editor, Michigan Journal of International Law

  • Student Attorney, Washtenaw County Office of Public Defender

  • Legal Researcher, University of Michigan Law Library

  • Co-Chair, Michigan OutLaws Student Group

  • Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitar, TJ Hooper and the Learned Hands Law School Rock Band

History B.A. — CARLETON COLLEGE, Northfield, MN

  • National Merit Scholar

  • Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

  • Medieval & Renaissance Studies Concentration

  • Year of graduate-level studies at Oxford University, UK

  • Completed Latin, Spanish, Old English, Old Norse language programs

  • Wrestling and Rugby Team President






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